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Washington Chicken

Bun, chicken cutlet, pickled onion, tomato, pesto sauce, mozzarella cheese, lettuce, Chips.

- Onion (+$0.80)
- Tomato (+$0.80)
- Cheese (+$0.70)
- Salad (+$0.50)


Embark on a culinary journey with our Washington Chicken Delight, a dish inspired by the bountiful flavors of the Pacific Northwest. Crafted with care and inspired by the region's rich culinary heritage, this dish promises a symphony of tastes that captures the essence of Washington's diverse and fresh produce.

Key Features

On your plate, savor the succulence of perfectly cooked chicken, a canvas for the vibrant flavors that define Washington's culinary landscape. The chicken is expertly seasoned and prepared to achieve a harmonious balance of tenderness and flavor.

Pacific Northwest Freshness

The Washington Chicken Delight is a celebration of local produce. Featuring a medley of seasonal vegetables sourced from the fertile soils of the Pacific Northwest, each bite bursts with the freshness and vitality of the region.

Seasonal Variation

Our commitment to seasonal ingredients means that the Washington Chicken Delight may feature a rotating selection of vegetables, allowing you to experience the changing flavors and colors that mirror the diverse landscape of Washington throughout the year.


Pair your Washington Chicken with a side of wild rice pilaf, roasted root vegetables, or a crisp green salad for a wholesome and satisfying meal. The dish's adaptability makes it a versatile choice for a range of culinary preferences.

Allergen Information

For our guests with dietary considerations, please inform your server of any specific needs. We prioritize your well-being and aim to provide a safe and enjoyable dining experience.

Chef's Recommendation

Enhance your dining experience by pairing the Washington Chicken Delight with a local Washington wine or a refreshing apple cider. The dish is a tribute to the region's culinary excellence and invites you to savor the essence of Washington on your plate.

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